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Healing is Possible

Some of the many conditions we support....

Complicated Cases are Welcomed

Although we have certain conditions we see many of our clients share, there are also some very unique situations that we've been able to help.

How can we reduce and even eliminate symptoms and disease when the doctors often don't even know how to diagnose the illness?  

We don't work off of diagnoses, we work of of symptoms and test results.  You see, every case is like an onion that we need to peel.  If you have, for example, Hashimoto's (a thyroid condition), we never start by diving right into the thyroid or hormones.  

In fact, the body will NOT let us get very far if we were to do that!

Why?  We need to drill down and figure out WHY the thyroid is struggling.  It's never hormones gone rogue.  But it can be hormones being out of balance because of other factors.  Those other factors can be different for everyone as no two of us are alike.

What are examples? 


  • Maybe there are digestive issues that are causing the gut to struggle with breaking down our food optimally enough so that we can absorb all the nutrients our body (and thyroid) needs. 

  • Maybe it's because your detox pathways are not able to properly eliminate excess hormones so you are building up an abundance of one or another, getting the whole hormone balance skewed.  

  • Maybe you're not getting proper sleep or are super stressed and that is causing you to burn through the same nutrients that other body systems need, so supplementation may be needed.  


It's the same with big, scary, complicated cases.  We have to start peeling the onion from the outside by starting with the basics.  

By working from the most basic body systems to get those operating optimally, only then can we move further upstream and look at the next layer.  

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