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The Autoimmune Recovery masterclass is going to change how you see & feel about your autoimmune disease. It will change how you LIVE!

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A masterclass to empower you with real solutions you can use today to begin your road to recovery!

Access for only $59

No one told you, your body would control your life.....

  • You feel like you’ve tried everything, yet nothing seems to make a difference. 

  • You have changed your diet, been to every specialist, every integrative and alternative practitioner, and have tried ALL OF THE THINGS, yet you still don’t know what’s wrong with you. 

  • You’re tired of being afraid of your body and scared of food and just want to live your life with more freedom. 

  • And if you’re really honest with yourself, you feel alone, scared and hopeless. 

  • And you’re afraid you’ll have to live with the discomfort and continue to revolve your life around your body's unruly behavior…forever.

Can I share a secret with you?

You aren't healing your body by taking medications, it's just managing the symptoms and possibly making your condition worse.


Cutting out all the foods and restricting your diet may make you feel better in the short term, but it’s impossible to heal your body if you don’t actually address the reason for your autoimmune disease.


Adding in probiotics is common mainstream advice, however it can actually do more harm than good in many cases. The probiotics have to be targeted for YOUR situation!

Here’s the thing: your body never does anything without a reason. It’s our job to uncover what those “reasons” are and address them in a sustainable way so your body can recover and stay well…for good.

I've been there....

I deeply get what it's like to be in pain, feel embarrassed, and alone. 

And I have a proposition for you. 


What if instead of having the same year you’ve already had over and over again, you flipped the script and finally felt back to your normal self?


I can’t promise miraculous healing/instant results, but what if eating at your favorite restaurant and making it through the entire day without downing a pot of coffee became your reality... again? 


And what if you could finally….


  • Get back to traveling with your loved ones and finally see the world without packing loads of supplements 

  • Eat the foods you love without being in pain or worried about fitting into your clothes afterwards

  • Get back to creating amazing results in your career

  • Try new restaurants and foods without fear of having debilitating symptoms

  • Have a day or weekend on the town without worrying about where the nearest bathroom is

  • Play with your kids all day without being laid up in bed for days due to pain

  • Move through your day with ease knowing your body’s got your back

We can help you make it happen!

We created the Autoimmune Recovery Masterclass for you! This limited time class shares a life altering way to recover from your autoimmune disease without expensive standardized protocols or time consuming interventions. Shift your paradigm. Heal with simple solutions.

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Welcome to the Autoimmunity Recovery Masterclass

This complimentary class will dramatically shift your perspective on your autoimmune disease and empower you to take simple yet effective action steps to fully recover.

Get excited for what you'll discover....


Myths and truths about autoimmune diseases


The depth of the progression of Autoimmunity


Allopathic perspective vs. functional medicine's perspective of  Autoimmunity

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Your genes are NOT what's causing the autoimmune dis-ease


What you're told at the doctor's office is immoral and wrong


What needs to be looked at & addressed for full recovery


The real purpose of a diagnosis


The step by step process we use with our clients to reverse autoimmunity

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Why your diagnosis doesn't matter & what DOES matter

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The feeling of hope and empowerment!

Available for Only $59!

Meet Melissa

Your Functional Medicine Practitioner

When I was diagnosed with MS when I was 33, I had no idea there was even a remote chance that I could fully recover. But that is exactly what happened and I continue to be symptom free today. My recovery journey started when I began healing my gut and that’s why I believe that the gut is the center of any autoimmune disease.  That experience fuels my deep belief that our bodies can recover when given the right support.


I began as an integrative nutritional health coach and ended up as a board certified functional medicine practitioner. My goal is to support, educate and empower individuals to become well again. I have been working in the autoimmune community as a practitioner, advocate, speaker and educator since 2017 and have extensive experience with rare autoimmune conditions.


I have supported hundreds of clients with various chronic conditions. In my work with rare autoimmune conditions we started with the gut. When we began making changes at this level, that’s when we started seeing things improve. And really, with any health condition we start with the gut — it’s the foundation to health. Whether you have a neurological issue, anxiety, autism. - anytime we have an imbalance in the body, the gut is where we start. 


My favorite thing about my work is when a client’s eyes light up when they realize that there are very real things causing their symptoms and they are fully addressable! THEY have the power to make sustainable change in their body….it is in THEIR power to do so.

I invite you to imagine what's truly possible for you....

What would it be like to finally have a life that doesn’t revolve around your symptoms?

To make it through your day without being afraid of the consequences of eating?

To no longer need to sit nearest to the bathroom at a restaurant? 


I want you to know that, having been there ourselves, you truly can have it ALL.


So if you’re finally ready to absolutely love eating, traveling, and playing with your kiddos again….

Click the button below to register for the Autoimmunity Masterclass!

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Access for Only $59!

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