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What you can do to assist hormones, repair damaged tissue, improve immunity and eliminate effects of stress.

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We help you become a problem solver

At Sagebrush Wellness,  we work closely with clients, both locally and virtually, who suffer from health issues such as autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, Type 2 Diabetes, thyroid and/or hormonal imbalances, gastrointestinal issues and more. We'll join you on your journey to address root causes in order to find optimal health and relief.

Often when clients come to us, they feel scared, ambivalent, or even dis-empowered due to their beliefs about what can go wrong in the body.

You no longer need to feel overwhelmed

Patients can be overwhelmed when facing a list of things to do/use/try in an attempt to bring back some sort of balance. The beauty of coaching is that we partner with our clients, prioritizing optimal care, as they navigate their healing path. Optimal health is not necessarily complicated. We provide clarity and education, maximizing whatever is needed for optimal functioning, eliminating obstacles, and providing the optimal environment to help our clients get well, and STAY well.

We know how it feels

Every coach on the Sagebrush Wellness team has successfully overcome their own autoimmune disease. Extensive specialized training, combined with personal experience provides us with a compassionate approach. We know how it FEELS to be devastated with a heavy diagnosis and little hope of recovery. We also know how great it feels to completely regain wellness and get back to living & loving life!


Let us help

Your diagnosis doesn't have to be a life sentence!

Have you been told "take these meds and prepare yourself to live with this condition"?

The fact is, it isn't true.

Let me show you how.

We are a team of Functional Medicine Health Coaches, trauma coaches, and spiritual coaches.  Every member of our team has faced an autoimmune disease AND WON!  Our foundational belief is that when we maximize what is helpful, minimize what is harmful, and prioritize an environment of healing, we create the possibility and probability of the body to recover!