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Do you wonder if your symptoms are related? 

Are you curious if something is being overlooked?  

Do you want another set of eyes looking at your case with a functional medicine perspective? 


You're in the right place!


If you're ready to take responsibility for your health, willing to do the work, then we're here to give you the tools necessary to heal.  


Then we'll schedule a phone or zoom call to go over your case and explain what we find.  This is a free service whether you chose to work with us or not. 

FIRST:  We would do a more extensive deep dive into your symptoms, looking at frequency and severity.  We would also review any recent testing or lab results and start putting your puzzle pieces together, looking at how everything is interconnected.  This sheds light on what is going on with your body and what systems seem to be out of balance.


NEXT:  We talk on the phone or via zoom to get clarification and gather more details to begin to fill in the blanks.  Specifically we'll be looking for what may be triggering or CAUSING your symptoms so we can begin steps to turn things around.  This typically includes food, supplements, and lifestyle choices specific to your situation. 

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THEN:  We continue our talks every other week, making adjustments and seeing how the body responds.  By this time we would have formulated a high level plan so you know what to expect.  We start by addressing the most basic body symptoms first (hydration, digestion, sleep, etc.).  Those have to be addressed early on before we can move further upstream in the body to uncover the next level of systems that need supporting.  We'll uncover your triggers so you'll know how to stay well, even after we our work together is complete.

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