Are you ready for things to be different?  Is it time to take charge of your own health? 



If so, we're here to help you with the tools you need to reverse your symptoms and feel good again.

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Our complementary DISCOVERY CALL is the place to begin.  This is where we can learn more about your current health situation, and you can learn more about us, what we do, and how we may be able to help. 


The completed DISCOVERY CALL FORM allows us to better match you with an expert that is best suited to address your unique situation, and who will be the one initiating the call (and even working with you, should you chose to do so.

FIRST:  Simply complete

our short


where you'll answer questions such as your current diagnoses (if any), what you have done that has helped you to feel better, and  where your struggles are.

This helps us to pair you with a specialist best suited for your particular needs.  


NEXT:  That Health Coach  will reach out to you with a phone call and/or email to get the free session scheduled.

Plan on the virtual visit to last anywhere from 30-40 minutes as we like to make sure we have enough time to really listen to what you have going on, to discuss your situation, and to answer all your questions.  

This is the Coach that you will be working with, should you chose to do so.  

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THEN: Once you decide to move forward in working with us, you will be invited via email to join our client portal where you can upload any lab work or tests you've already had completed. 


There will also be some  paperwork to be completed within this portal as well, including a detailed SYMPTOM ANALYSIS. 

Your virtual sessions will be held every other week.  After the first session, you and your Coach should have formulated a high level plan so you know what to expect.  We start by addressing the most basic body symptoms first (hydration, digestion, sleep, etc.) and then move to the next level of systems that need supporting.  We'll help you uncover your triggers so you'll know how to stay well, even after we our work together is complete.  

And don't worry . . . your Coach will go as quickly or as slowly as you need them to.


I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis, an uncommon autoimmune disease.  It meant I could never have kids again because of the class of drugs I would have to take to manage it.

I needed a cane for short distances, and a wheelchair if walking was required.  It was a struggle to take care of myself, let alone my young son.  I had nearly lost all hope!

In working with Melissa, the biggest help was eliminating inflammatory foods that were discovered on my food sensitivity test.  I began to eat real, whole foods and feed my body the nutrition it needed to heal

I also began taking the specific supplements my body needed and began to feel alive for the first time in a long time.  I no longer needed a cane or wheelchair anymore!!

Fast forward to 2020 . . . I gave birth to another healthy, beautiful son because I no longer needed that awful medicine!  

Our bodies have the power to heal and survive!  I am thankful I have the tools to heal myself and am forever grateful for Melissa and the freedom she gave me.  I hope this serves as encouragement for those of you reading it.

I had been diagnosed with anxiety/panic disorder, GERD, and IBS.  I had my gallbladder taken out, started taking acid reflux medicine and was nearly a full blown diabetic.  

I started researching how bad acid reflux medication was on the body, and that day a video appeared in my Facebook feed on that very subject from Sagebrush Wellness.  

I was skeptical at first, wondering if this was a real program and didn't think I could afford such a thing anyway, but kept thinking how I needed to meet this person!  I almost cancelled the day of my appointment because I felt so sick from something I ate. I'm so glad I didn't!  


I learned that because I don't have a gallbladder, I should have been on specific supplements to support digestion (something the doctors never mentioned).  They also looked at my bloodwork differently that my regular docs and that helped us to find out the WHY behind my symptoms.  

I've been in the program for 10 months and am happy to say I've been able to reverse fatty liver, diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, and I lost 40 pounds without trying!  I'm off blood pressure medicine and acid reflux pills.  The pain in my knees is very minimal and I have WAY more energy.  It was great to have a person in my corner who really cares, who is no judgemental and is willing to hold your hand, yet keep you accountable.  

I never once felt overwhelmed. We took things slow.  They genuinely care about each and every client and helped me get my life back!  I thank God every day and the people that make this program possible.