Discover Your Food Sensitivities

Do you notice that some foods don't make you feel so great?  

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Are you struggling with a disease diagnosis with symptoms you would like to reduce or eliminate?

Have you seen doctor after doctor who have all taken away your hope of ever getting better?

Do you wish you were able to play with the kids or grandkids without extreme pain or fatigue?  

For you, we want to remove the pain, the ups and downs, the uncertainty and fear by streamlining this journey to recovery and walking beside you as you experience it. Never again will you be alone. We are in this together!

The goal of this class is to stop and reverse autoimmune activation in the body, allow your gut to begin healing and stop chronic inflammation in your body.

Included in the Program

  • This is a 12 Week Step by step proven protocol to reverse autoimmune activation in the body.


  • You will receive a new module every other week via email (6 in total) complete with handouts and worksheets that will lead you through the steps needed to reach your goals (this protocol was created as a result of working with hundreds of clients so you won’t find this anywhere else. This is valued at - $1,500)


  • Included are 12 Weekly Group Coaching calls with one of our senior coaches -- this alone is valued at $3,000      


  • Membership in a Facebook Group moderated by the senior coach who is leading your group.  This private group is filled with people just like you…. incredible, strong individuals who are determined to do whatever they need to become better -- a value of  $500


  • We give you the tools, steps, support, tips and tricks, everything you need to rock this recovery journey.  We will help you set achievable goals and intentions and we'll be there to encourage and support you while you do the work to break free from those limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.  

Your senior coach moderator understands the importance of the little wins, the joy and accomplishment of things like being able to stand without touching anything and not getting off balance or going an ENTIRE month without a migraine!  We want to help you get to this place in your journey to health.

As a special BONUS, you will be able to book One on One calls with a Functional Medicine Coach at a 50% discount! This is especially useful if we need to look into doing some testing for you or if your disease process is complex and you want help unraveling what you have going on.


This Challenge carries a total value of $5,250


Today, I am offering this class to you for $795.00! 


Who is this course for?

This course is for the person serious about getting well, who is open to new ideas and is teachable.  It does not matter whether you have a diagnosis or not, because the name of the disease(s) process doesn't change anything for us.  

How much time will I be committing to this?

This is a 12 week program.   You will receive a new module every other week.

How long will each module take to work through?

Each module may take between 1-2 hours

Could I benefit from this course if I'm not significantly ill?

Absolutely!  You don't have to be confined to a bed or be super sick.  Most everyone has symptoms of some kind or another.  If you do not take steps to find the root cause, those small symptoms can turn into larger ones and the problem can snowball until you are eventually diagnosed with disease.  If you start early to correct the course of action, it's much easier than if you wait, but we can help anyone on both sides (somewhat unwell to severely sick).  Please join us!

Can you work with my physician and recent blood work or other tests?

Absolutely!  We love collaborating with the physicians!  But unfortunately this is not something we can do in a group setting.  However if you would like to work with one of our master coaches one on one, we can do a deep dive into your labs and your unique situation to find root cause(s) of your dis-ease.   We would love to have you do a discovery call so we could talk details on how we can help.