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The Gut Recovery Blueprint is the only program of its kind to walk you step by step through the gut healing process while customizing it to your needs and goals!

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Gut Recovery

Heal your gut, get rid of bloat and discomfort, and finally love your body in just 12 weeks without restricting tons of foods or going on medications.

No one told you, your gut would control your life.....

  • You feel like you’ve tried everything, yet nothing seems to make a difference. 

  • You have changed your diet, been to every specialist, every integrative and alternative practitioner, and have tried ALL OF THE THINGS, yet you still don’t know what’s wrong with you. 

  • You’re tired of feeling embarrassed about your body and scared of food and just want to live your life with more freedom. 

  • And if you’re really honest with yourself, you feel alone, scared and hopeless. 

  • And you’re afraid you’ll have to live with the discomfort and continue to revolve your life around your gut’s behavior…forever.

Can I share a secret with you?

No matter how many foods you cut out, it’s impossible to heal your gut if you don’t actually address the reason your gut is behaving badly in the first place. 


Adding in probiotics is common mainstream advice, however it can actually do more harm than good in many cases. The probiotics have to be targeted for YOUR situation!


Antacids may temporarily reduce your discomfort, but acid reflux is, in fact, NOT about having too much stomach acid and these medications may cause you even more gut issues in the long-run. 

Here’s the thing: your body never does anything without a reason. It’s our job to uncover what those “reasons” are and address them in a sustainable way so your body can recover and stay well…for good.

I've been there....

I deeply get what it's like to be in pain, feel embarrassed, and alone. 

And I have a proposition for you. 


What if instead of having the same year you’ve already had over and over again, you flipped the script and finally felt back to your normal self?


I can’t promise miraculous healing/instant results, but what if eating at your favorite restaurant and having a flat stomach became as simple as breathing? 


And what if in just 12 weeks you could finally….


  • Get back to traveling with your loved ones and finally see the world without packing loads of supplements 

  • Eat the foods you love without being in pain or worried about fitting into your clothes afterwards

  • Shop for clothes you love instead of buying clothes meant to hide your stomach

  • Try new restaurants and foods without fear of having debilitating symptoms

  • Have a day or weekend on the town without worrying about where the nearest bathroom is

  • Have lunch with your colleagues and friends without popping Tums or Prilosec in front of them

  • Move through your day with ease knowing your body’s got your back

We can help you make it happen!

We created the Gut Recovery Blueprint for you! The program is a potent yet effective way to heal your gut without expensive standardized protocols or time consuming interventions.

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Gold Organic Warm Health & Wellness Service Website.png

Welcome to the Gut Recovery Blueprint

Our straight forward 12 week program for healing your gut and eliminating gas, bloating, pain, reflux, constipation and diarrhea.


The program provides daily accountability, weekly calls, personal one on one coaching, functional testing, and healthy gut checklists.

Get excited for what you'll receive....

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Bi-weekly group coaching and accountability calls with your practitioner

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Comprehensive stool test and interpretation by your practitioner

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Food sensitivity test and interpretation by your practitioner

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Three personal and customized calls with your practitioner

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Exclusive access to our Sleep for Success guide

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Exclusive access to our Eat for Energy & Amazing Gut Health guide


A Food/Symptom/Bowel Movement Personal Journal


A Success Tracker Questionnaire at the start and finish to map your progress

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Mindfulness and heart coherence session with your multidimensional healer and intuitive transformational coach

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Access to our HIPAA Compliant portal for private access to your test results, session notes and a private chat with your practitioner

Here's how this will work
January 23, 2023 - April 23

  • Every other week, a new module will be unveiled and I will lead a video class on a range of different topics that impact your gut health - from mindset and beliefs to food sensitivities. Based off the week's learning, you'll receive specific action steps to experiment with. The goal? To support a happy gut and deeper connection with your body.

  • We are stronger together. The weeks in between a module release, we will come together as a group to celebrate successes, support each other during tribulations, and encourage one another's growth. You'll also be able to have your burning questions answered by Melissa! Unable to attend live? A recording for each group call and module will be provided!

  • You'll have daily private messenger access to Melissa through your HIPAA compliant portal. This program ensures you are being compassionately supported through multiple avenues! 

  • You will join the private HIPAA compliant community. This is where you'll meet the other group members who will be right along with you for the whole journey to celebrate, swap stories & learnings and more!

  • Choose 3 dates/times to meet for your one on one personal functional medicine coaching sessions with Melissa! The intention of these sessions is to go DEEP into personalized support customized for YOU! You'll review your stool test and food sensitivity results and create a unique action plan tailored for you!

  • We'll make connections between your inner state and your gut health through 1 personalized multidimensional coaching session. Your health, especially your gut health is a reflection of your heart's desire and where you're not listening to your gut instincts. You're going to learn how to experience your true power. 

  • Throughout our 12 weeks together, you will receive a variety of support, tools and resources to deepen your healing with integrity and authenticity.  You'll feel empowered to take your health into your own hands. Action steps designed specifically to support you and your gut and will create an inner knowing that your body has your back!

Meet Melissa

Your Functional Medicine Practitioner

When I was diagnosed with MS when I was 33, I had no idea there was even a remote chance that I could fully recover. But that is exactly what happened and I continue to be symptom free today. My recovery journey started when I began healing my gut and that’s why I believe that the gut is the center of any autoimmune disease.  That experience fuels my deep belief that our bodies can recover when given the right support.


I began as an integrative nutritional health coach and ended up as a board certified functional medicine practitioner. My goal is to support, educate and empower individuals to become well again. I have been working in the autoimmune community as a practitioner, advocate, speaker and educator since 2017 and have extensive experience with rare autoimmune conditions.


I have supported hundreds of clients with various chronic conditions. In my work with rare autoimmune conditions we started with the gut. When we began making changes at this level, that’s when we started seeing things improve. And really, with any health condition we start with the gut — it’s the foundation to health. Whether you have a neurological issue, anxiety, autism. - anytime we have an imbalance in the body, the gut is where we start. 


My favorite thing about my work is when a client’s eyes light up when they realize that there are very real things causing their symptoms and they are fully addressable! THEY have the power to make sustainable change in their body….it is in THEIR power to do so.

I invite you to imagine what's truly possible for you here....

What would it be like to finally have a life that doesn’t revolve around your gut?

To make it through your day without being afraid of the consequences of eating?

To no longer need to sit nearest to the bathroom at a restaurant? 


I want you to know that, having been there ourselves, you truly can have it ALL.


So if you’re finally ready to absolutely love eating, traveling, and wearing your favorite clothes again….

Click the button below to register so we can explore what it would be like to work together for the next 12 weeks!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to do the program, but probably can’t attend the live weekly calls. Will those be recorded so I can catch them later?  Yes! Everything is recorded and will be available in the respective module within 24 hours

I notice the program is 12 weeks long, I have a busy schedule and I’m worried I will fall behind. I might need more time. Is that okay? You might be busy and life is hectic so we custom designed our program for you to go through it in bite sized chunks. Our intention is that it's doable with any lifestyle. The program consists of 12 weeks of core training with additional 4 weeks to get caught up so that you're right on course with everyone else at the end of the program. If you fall behind, you'll have those additional 4 weeks of added support to go through things you might have missed or review topics you want refreshers on.

Who will benefit from this course? This program is intended for men and women who are experiencing chronic gut issues such as bloating, acid reflux, abdominal pain, gas, constipation or diarrhea. There are two groups of individuals who will benefit from this course: 

1. Those who are new to alternative healing and are just beginning their gut healing journey from a holistic perspective. 

2. Those who have been trying to heal for years and have been to all of the specialists, alternative medicine healers, tried all the supplements, and are ready to give up. 

Are there payment plans available for the program?

Certainly. You may pay in full when you register, which is the best price option, or access our payment program. The first payment is due upon registration and the second is due in the fourth week of the program by automatic withdrawal.


Is a refund available if I’m not satisfied with the results?  All sales are final, so there are no refunds. When clients show up and take action in this program, they get results. And because we believe health is an investment, there are no refunds on your commitment to your health. 

Still got questions? 

We invite you to book a 30 minute discovery call with Melissa to answer any questions you may have! 

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