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How Arthritis Affects Us

Alternative Remedies for Chronic Pain & Therapies for Joint pain


Whether it's autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis (most associated with wear and tear on joints over time), the traditional approach in conventional medicine is to use medications to block the inflammation process.  This can decrease symptoms by masking them, but doesn't really get at WHY it's happening in the first place, and when left unchecked the condition often gets worse.  

Functional medicine takes a deeper look at the CAUSES of inflammation so you have options for reversing it where it starts.

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Functional medicine looks at where inflammation often starts . . . our lifestyle choices, toxins, stress, gut health and more.

Together, we can help you learn the best food plan for arthritis and what your gut has to do with your arthritis symptoms.  Medicine (and their side effects) do not have to be your only option.  Let us help you find YOUR solution.  

A great place to start is  to book your Application Call!

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