One on One Guidance

I wonder how it would feel for you to sit down with your own Functional Medicine Practioner, and go through all of your history, tests, life experience and connect it all? What would it be like to finally understand how you got to where you are now?


And see clearly how you can get better? 

That is what we do.


We listen, understand fully, help you grasp what is going on for you, then walk beside you and guide you as you walk the road to recovery, and show you how to not just GET well, but STAY well!

Work With Our Dedicated Team of Functional Medicine Practioners!

Each of our team members have struggled with and overcome autoimmune and disease diagnoses.  

We were told there was no hope of getting better.

AND WE HAVE PROVED THEM WRONG!  (as have many of our clients)!!

How would it feel to have your life back, even if you've been told to prepare for life in a wheelchair? (like Coach Melissa)

Would you like to be able to play and keep up with your kids and grandkids?

Would you like to be independent and to not have to ask for help?

Here you get to take back your Power and you find Hope

What is Included

​In this one-on-one approach you work directly with your Functional Medicine Coach

  • Your coach will use various tools to do a deep dive into WHY you are feeling the way you are (WITH EACH SESSION)!

  • We begin with no less than a 3 month program, but you can sign up for sessions for up to a year at a time. Very complex, intricate disease processes will require longer than 3 months to reach recovery.

  • You will be meeting every other week by phone or Zoom with the your Coach.

  • As functional medicine coaches, we look at your body's unique inter-connectedness to find the answers you've been looking for.

  • We give you the tools, steps, support, tips and tricks, everything you need to rock this recovery journey, and we walk by your side as you do it!

  • Your coach understands the importance of little wins (those quick changes we can help you with for relief of symptoms) while we help you tackle the bigger issues as well.

  • Yes, your coach will look at your dietary choices and what may be improved, but we will also help you discover any food sensitivities, bacterial imbalances, hormone imbalance, toxic load, heavy metal toxicity, viral overload or pathogens that may be contributing to your dis-ease.

  • Your coach knows it's not all about the food.  Could your detox pathways be blocked, which allow toxins to build up in your body causing you symptoms?  What other upstream systems are not operating optimally that are keeping you sick?  

  • ​Your coach will walk the path with you, taking things as quickly or as slowly as you wish (and your body allows). Your coach is your biggest cheer leader, advocate, objective support who will help you walk through limiting beliefs, fears, doubts and blocks so that you can truly achieve wellness!

Our coaches have been given diagnoses, just like you, and were told there was no hope.  That wasn't acceptable. We fought to find answers and were able to find sustainable remission.  Because of our unshakable belief in the amazing ability of our bodies to heal, we have helped hundreds of clients do the same.



Who best benefits from this help?

This one-on-one guidance is for the person serious about getting well, who is open to new ideas and is teachable.  It does not matter whether you have a diagnosis or not, because the name of the disease(s) process doesn't change anything for us.  

How much time will I be committing to this?

The hour long calls take place every other week.  Most people need a 3 month program (6 sessions) before they start to see major shifts, but some more involved cases where dis-ease is really entrenched can take 6 months to a year or more.  This is not something we can tell you up front.  It depends on how quickly you are able to implement change and how fast your body adjusts.  Your body will know the answers as we go along.  

Could I benefit from this course if I'm not significantly ill?

Absolutely!  You don't have to be confined to a bed or be super sick.  If you are having symptoms that point to a disease process beginning for you, now is the time to address what is going on, before it becomes a diagnosable disease process.  Those small symptoms will progress into larger ones and the problem can snowball until you are eventually diagnosed with disease.  If you start early to address what is going on for you, it's much easier than if you wait.

Can you work with my physician and recent blood work or other tests?

We love collaborating with the physicians and looking at all the puzzle pieces! This is especially helpful if you are on multiple prescriptions medications and are working to reduce dosage or eliminate the need for medications altogether. This HAS to be done in partnership with your prescribing physician.

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