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YOU Optimized!

One of the statements we hear most often from our clients is that they’ve been told by

their doctor their labwork looks normal and they are physically “just fine.” But we know that you wouldn’t be at the doctor if you felt fantastic. You wouldn’t be seeking help if you felt like yourself, right?

Enter Sagebrush! Here at Sagebrush, we look at your blood work through a functional medicine lens. Meaning, we look for what is optimal for YOU. When the vast majority of our country is ridden with disease and the “normal” range on conventional labs represent 95% of the norm, do we really want to be in the norm?

We want to do better than that. We want to strive for feeling and being optimal. If we want optimal health, we need to look for optimal labwork.

To help us help you create optimal health, we use a tool called OptimalDx. This is a powerful tool that helps us analyze your bloodwork to find hidden imbalances, dysfunctions and deficiencies. Using the patterns we see as practitioners as well as the tools insights, we’re able to partner with you in creating balance in your body that leads to big results.

Interested in seeing this report in action with a real life case? Check out the video below:

To recap Melissa’s video, in summary, here’s what OptimalDx looks at:

  • Functional Body Systems: This portion of the report indicates various levels of dysfunction across the bodily systems such as cardiovascular, adrenal, thyroid, blood sugar regulation, and more

  • Macronutrient Status: This report looks at how well stocked your macronutrients are. We can get assumptions from this report such as your dietary intake, digestion, absorption, cellular uptake

  • Individual Nutrient Status: Here we look at the balance amongst micronutrients such as magnesium, B vitamins, Vitamin D and more. We’re able to start getting an idea of what your dietary intake is, digestion, absorption, and cellular uptake.

  • Blood Test Results: We want to know where your labs are falling within an optimal range. This section of the report tells us where an individual biomarker (ex. glucose) falls within the optimal range and the clinical lab range. It’s also fantastic for explaining the impact each biomarker has on the body.

  • Health Improvement Plan: The Health Improvement Plan uses all the information from the report to focus on which top areas of your health needs the most attention.

Labwork is just one piece to your puzzle, but it can be a powerful tool in helping us put your puzzle together. If used comprehensively, you can make incredible progress with the data your labwork provides you. If you’d like to know more about labwork from the functional medicine lense, we also recommend reviewing our blog post on “How to Get the Most out of Your Labwork.”


It’s important you know that this blog post is for informational and educational purposes. It’s not meant to treat any health condition or to be prescriptive for anyone.

Always be sure to work with your healthcare practitioner. I highly recommend trying all new recommendations and/or supplements slowly to make sure they are ok for you.

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