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Services Provided


Personalized Coaching

True transformation occurs when you have ongoing support with someone who educates and empowers you to live in a way that supports healing. Our highest level of one on one Functional Medicine Practitioner 100% personalized care. Our full suite of services including access to mindset coaching and energy healing sessions, testing, consultation and coaching are included to provide you with a transformational experience. Beginning with a four month program and extending as long as needed.

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Gut Recovery Blueprint Program

This 12-week program is clinically proven to address diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, stomach pain. You'll receive a personalized intake session, life coaching session, two follow up personal practitioner sessions along with weekly instruction modules and weekly open coaching call opportunities and functional testing options to help you achieve sustainable recovery.

Program currently closed. 


Functional Testing

Paired with symptoms and a health history, functional lab work provides comprehensive data to find deep imbalances within the body that are often overlooked by Western Medicine. Functional lab opportunities include comprehensive stool test, food sensitivity testing, organic acid testing, toxicity testing, mineral analysis, nutrient panels, functional and basic blood work, and more. Available to US clients as well as UK, Canada and International Clients.


Supplement Dispensary

Our clients receive access to professional grade supplements through our Fullscript dispensary. Receive exclusive access by clicking the button below.

Access our CellCore product line by clicking the link below and entering this code: IzMDqyFj. 

Access our Amrita (UK) Nutritional Supplement line by using this code: HXDK1G


Functional Wellness Academy

Creating sustainable health requires a basic awareness and understanding of the connections within the body and life system. This membership based academy offers functional medicine classes on a variety of health topics.  Expand your knowledge - join the Functional Wellness Academy! 


Healthy Families Program

Living healthy as a family is more challenging than ever. This self paced program guides you in creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle as a family. Create healthy habits for you and your family today!



We offer a variety of events throughout the year including cleanses and monthly webinars. Follow us on Facebook to stay on top of our happenings!


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