We help you sustainably reverse....

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Joint pain







Give yourself permission to pursue recovery!

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Have you been told:

"Take these medications and prepare yourself to live with this condition. We can only hope to control it"



Your diagnosis doesn't have to be permanant!

As Functional Medicine Practitioners, we can help you find the 
as to why it is happening in
the first place.

Getting Started is Easy

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We start by learning more about who you are as an individual, what your current health challenges are and gain clarity around your wellness goals.


In this FREE 30 minute call with our Lead Functional Practitioner, you will feel heard, validated and leave inspired and hopeful. Are you committed to becoming well?

Is it TIME for you to finally put your recovery first? We only work with individuals who are READY and COMMITTED to becoming well.

We always start new clients with a three month program.

This one conversation could change your life!

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Next, if you and our Lead Practitioner decide that we are a good match, you will then be connected with your Personal Functional Practitioner for a paid 60 minute in depth symptom analysis and assessment of your health situation. This will be session number one of your program. Your Practitioner will review your health history and symptoms as well as any pertinent testing data to create clarity around what's happening in your body... and what can be done about it.  

What can you expect from this session? 

  • Feel heard, validated, and cared for

  • Feel relief and hope that you CAN feel normal again

  • Know that your body isn't broken and doesn't hate you

  • Begin working with your own practitioner who partners with you and inspires you to reach your wellness goals.

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This journey to wellness requires commitment and 100% investment in your wellness. You'll meet with your Functional Practitioner for 1 hour every other week. It is in these sessions that you uncover the true drivers of your symptoms and disease...and make the necessary steps to address those drivers!  Often we have habits, mindsets, life choices, thought processes, trauma, life stressers to address to see sustainable recovery. Your Coach will also discuss any testing that could  be valuable for you.

Note: Often our clients are working with their primary care provider or specialists WHILE they work with us. Many times medication dosing needs to be adjusted as the body comes back into balance and becomes well. 

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My 10-year-old was diagnosed with autism and a learning disability in math at age 8. My 7-year-old was born with Down Syndrome and was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s Disease at age 3. My sons and I are the clients, but she gives me advice on my whole family. I noticed changes in the kids pretty much right at the beginning of the program. The biggest thing that happened, during the summer was that my 10-year old learned to swim. Before the program, he wouldn’t put his face in the water and insisted on wearing a life jacket. My 7 year old, who we were told would never have his own BM's We are now at the point, where we don’t have to irrigate him very often and he’s going on his own. We are going to start him on a probiotic soon, to build up his good bacteria, and have backed off the magnesium (he’s on some other supplements too). His appetite is huge now and he loves almond milk yogurt (plain) and gluten -free chicken nuggets. I don’t have a severe case of epilepsy, but I am able to control it better with the diet that Melissa has me on. Now, when I don’t take my medicine, I don’t have any auras. I also have more energy than I did before, and I’ve lost about 25 pounds. I’m so glad that I found Sagebrush Wellness on Facebook and was able to do this program. It has helped us tremendously.

-Angie Haws



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My Practitioner has been such a huge help in my wellness journey. I have some very rare, complicated medical conditions that have intimidated others, but my coach has been very pro-active and helpful. She combines insight and knowledge with a sense of humor and real caring. She has worked at my pace and is as excited as I am to see the tangible results. I definitely recommend Sagebrush Wellness

- Susan D,

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"Through this program I learned so much about my body that I didn’t know before. I learned that because I don’t have a gallbladder that I should have been taking digestive enzymes and bile salts all this time. Not one doctor has told me that in the 23 years since having my gallbladder taken out. I also learned that my health is worth it regardless of what the obstacle is. I needed to put ME first and deal with the rest later. One of the most important tools is the diagnostic testing that Sagebrush Wellness does to help find out the WHY. I’m happy to say that I have been able to reverse the fatty liver, diabetes, high blood pressure, a lot of my inflammation AND I lost 40 lbs!!! I never once felt like I was doing this alone ever nor did I feel overwhelmed!"

-Teri Everett

We help YOU reverse your autoimmune or chronic disease and recover sustainably

At Sagebrush Wellness, LLC, we work with clients nationwide, both via tele-health and onsite in our Belgrade, Montana office, who are experiencing a variety of health issues such as but not limited to autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, Type 2 Diabetes, thyroid and/or hormonal imbalances, and gastrointestinal issues. As a team, we help you identify what is causing your dis-ease process, address those specific causes and help you achieve sustainable wellness.

Often when people come to us, they have been through a downward spiral of their body becoming more and more unwell accumulating more diagnoses. They have given up hope of stopping and reversing that spiral. We partner with our clients to prioritize the optimal order of care and walk beside our clients as they navigate putting customized steps into practice. Wellness doesn't need to be complicated! We help our clients get well, and STAY well.

Each member of our team have experienced their own autoimmune disease and recovered! Because of that, we coach, not only from extensive specialized training, but from experience. We know what it feels like to live with and manage chronic dis-ease.


We know what it feels like to regain our wellness.....and remain well!