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Having Patience in Your Recovery

This journey of recovery is not a one-size-fits-all situation. It is a journey of knowing yourself at a deeper level, which involves love and patience.

I decided to go into the storm of Life. What I found as I walked that path was a Belief and knowledge that I would be okay, and that I am worth every second and moment. My journey has left me in tears, swirling in deep emotions I surrendered to, accepting what was to come. As my belief grew, so did my trust in myself, which had me listening more than talking, loving more than judging, and exhibiting a compassion that left me in awe.

Through my journey, one of the best discoveries was the realization that all my injuries, setbacks, and eventually, the disease, was happening for me. This realization had me walk the path of discovering Self, which sometimes was seen more fully by sitting quietly. I have created milestones and goals based on activity and general well-being. I created a plan, which involved a daily dose of self-love and patience.

I had to learn to ask myself difficult questions, while allowing myself patience, compassion, and love, as I walked through the storm. I realized this path was not linear, sometimes with three steps forward then two-and-one-half back, with turns that came abruptly, and moments of being lost. Every one of these struggles was building a foundation of self-love, joy, and compassion. During these steps, I found faith in Self—a realization that there was a higher Self, and love was the only true answer.

As we walk this road together, we are going to discover ourselves. During this journey, we may invoke deep-seeded emotions, and during this time, compassion and love for Self is the answer to get through them. This choice is not an easy one, but it will be the most important one you take.

As we take these steps with no judgment, we offer ourselves the patience and grace needed to take small steps.

We begin to realize how amazing our bodies are to recover from disease and injury, if we allow ourselves the patience, Belief, and understanding to do so. You are not alone, and I am proud of you are choosing to take this step.

With Love and Joy,


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