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Power of Choice

In every moment of your day, you make choices regarding where you’re going to invest your time, your energy, your money and your love. Each choice you make, impacts how you show up in the world, who you become tomorrow and who you become 20 years from now. Where you invest yourself, is where you invest in your life.

Think about your day to day life and all the things that you are choosing throughout the day:

  • What you eat

  • What you drink

  • Who you interact with

  • What you say

  • How you respond

  • What time you go to bed

  • Whether or not you’ll move your body

  • The thoughts you think

  • What you spend your money on

  • The list goes on

What you choose is ultimately what you invest yourself in. The ultimate question comes down to “what do you REALLY want for yourself?” As humans we generally lean towards wanting to satisfy our wants and desires for the immediate moment. This is a great way to provide us with instant gratification, however instant gratification rarely leads to long term happiness and fulfillment. Instant gratification is the opposite of investing which is defined as “To spend or devote for future advantage or benefit.” Are the choices you’re making, investing in your moment to moment needs or your dreams for the future? Some questions worth reflecting on: what is it that you want for your future self - whether it’s your tomorrow’s version of you or 10 years down the road? And how are the choices you’re investing in supporting that future version of you?

You may not always enjoy the choice that’s best for you, but it’s rarely something you’ll regret.

You also have the choice to:

  1. Either stay where you are (and remain stuck and stagnant),

  2. Wish that things would go back to how they were (and stay stuck in the past), or

  3. Step up and show up for yourself by making a new choice that propels you forward in life.

What you choose is informing the world how you value yourself! And remember, what you aren’t changing, you are choosing.

What about those times when you feel like you simply don’t have a choice? The words “I don’t have a choice” are taking away all of your power. Your choice IS your super power and it’s something you have access to at all times. Even if you are choosing to NOT make a choice, that in itself is a choice. All of the things you are doing and not doing - all the ways you are being and not being are all a choice.

Once you are conscious of your own super power of choice, you’ll become more aware of just how much choice you really have in all areas of your life. This conscious awareness will open up opportunities to choose differently each day - moment by moment, giving you the power to change yourself and your life. That ability is all yours - and only yours. So go ahead make your next choice with conscious intention choosing to invest in what is best for you and your future.

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